For the longest time I gave up on science. My first degree (an Associate of Arts) is in History, but I decided it wasn’t exactly worth it to continue studying, because I mostly just wanted to study ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome, and I wouldn’t get much of a chance to do advanced study until grad school. I didn’t exactly have much of a choice when I chose that major.

A few years ago, I was planning to major in engineering, because it was the closest degree at my college that would get me on the road to physics/astronomy. I decided around that time that I would just go for it — my childhood dream. I remember staying up late as a kid (when I wasn’t supposed to), flipping through the colorful astronomy books I got at the library. As I got older, I did more advanced research and read a lot of pop science books.

So, I was an engineering major. For one semester. I didn’t even get to any engineering courses, because during Calculus, my job gave me an ultimatum — either transfer and work full time (during the hour my math class was) or lose my job. This was in 2009, when the economy was still at its worst, so I dropped calculus and kept my job. I haven’t been able to take it since, but will finally get to it in the fall semester.

I switched to a history major because of my second, competing passion — ancient history, particularly war history. Plus, most of the classes were online and I wasn’t willing to quit school entirely.

But now that I’m switching to physics, I already have all the prerequisites done. Now all I have left are science and math courses. It’s going to be a very interesting (and frustrating) three years, but I’m excited about it and can’t wait to start my classes in the fall. I’ve never considered myself a patient person!


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Welcome to my main blog! I wanted a central location where I can keep everything I'm working on: my blogs, projects, lists and social media. I'm blogging about all the things I need to get control over in my life -- diet, exercise, organization, money, and style.

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